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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the fourth and final installment on this incredibly popular horror Rate this App Build, craft, and give free rein to your imagination.
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The story is set in , and the boy you play as is trying to survive the five nights leading up to his birthday, which of course will be celebrated at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

You'll probably survive the first two nights in your room fairly easily, as the game lets you learn how to manage the monsters in the dark and how to play. By night three, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is a tense, horrific experience and the difficulty is much greater. If you love horror, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 delivers on its promise of jump scares and delicious nail-biting tension.

One of the criticisms of the series overall is the repeated use of similar jump-scares. In this fourth chapter, developer Scott Cawthon has broadened the variety of scares on offer, so each monster in the game will terrify you in its own uniquely horrible way.

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While it's scarier than ever, it's a shame that all of the five nights are just spent in your bedroom. A little more variety would have been welcome - there's more to a home than your bedroom, after all Is this really the end? This is described as the 'last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story', which is a subtle way of saying this probably isn't the end of the series overall. But perhaps the developer will look for new stories to tell in the future, though I'd be surprised if his next game isn't a point and click horror of some sort.

So don't worry if you want more chills like Five Nights at Freddy's 4. In conclusion, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the scariest of the series so far , and the most polished, thanks to improved animation throughout. The game clears up a few of the mysteries from the previous installments, but also creates a few new ones.

Is this another clue that we haven't really seen the end of Freddy and co?

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D i really like this game im a kid with flashlight D More. It takes guts to get this far. Requires a keen ear and patience. Majorly fun and equally as creepy.

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Amazing end to the beloved FNAF ser ies! Love it.

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The sounds and the fact that Scott has transitioned the series from video to audio. The suspence and sence of urgency.

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Louder background sounds More. What do you think about Five Nights at Freddy's 4? Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready. To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description. CONS Not enough variety of location. Softonic review Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the last, and scariest part of this terror-filled story. Fright Night Advertisement. Grand Theft Auto: Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguard yourself until 6am by watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet or onto the bed behind you.

You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end. Scott, your FNAF series will always be some of my favourite video games. I admit, I shed a couple a lot of tears when I heard that it was over.

These games were undoubtedly worth my time and my money from beginning to end.

The last chapter on this horror saga

Concerning this app however, I was only slightly disappointed to find that I was not able to experience the lore minigames about the crying child, like the ones in this exact game on the PC. Hopefully someday you'll put that in. Another thing was, when I ran back and forth between doors during gameplay, I kept noticing a series of footsteps that sounded sort of like mine but a little faster and they would travel from left to right and vice versa.

They kinda mess with my head when I'm trying to concentrate on all other tasks at hand. I really don't know what they are; if they're a bug or if they belong to Foxy or some other entity. But hopefully, if they ARE a bug, then it will be fixed in the future. If not, I'll just have to figure out about it on my own. Other than these two minor problems, the game was top notch and creepy as heck, just how I love your games. I would easily recommend this game to anyone who loves a good scare.

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You're a great man. Does it have bugs? Yes - but let's be honest, what game dosnt? Nobody should be complaining about "lag" because it's not lag. Creating a game as big as this with this many animations is more work than it seems - and our small devices aren't exactly super computers so of course the fps will be a bit slow. I would recommend fixing the glitch where you can here your footsteps repeatedly when u walk to the closet or one of the doors - along with the breathing audio.

Scott, I love your work - I hope that one day you can reveal the truth to the games lore such as: I remember when the first game came out, I was so scared of it. Then came the next one and I remember hyping it up so much, and it became my favorite game of the 4. When the third game came out, I was like "How many games will this guy make?

I bought it for my PC as soon as it came out. I played the first night at it was probably the best game ever. The jumpscares are super scary, the animations and ambient noises are great, and the story ties up so many loose ends. There are still some things we need to know, like who is the purple man?