Samsung galaxy note full backup

You need to perform a full backup on your computer if you worry about data loss on your Samsung. Once there is something wrong with your.
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According to different operation system, please download Windows version or Mac version from below. After installation, you'll see Samsung Mobile Transfer is comprised of 3 modules: Transfer , Backup , Restore. Now we are going to talk about how to Backup and Restore firstly.

Open Samsung Mobile Transfer and click on ' Backup ' on the homepage. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer.

1. Using Samsung Cloud

Once the system complete synchronization, click 'Next", your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 data will displayed on the middle of box. Select the items you prefer to backup then click on ' Next ' and wait for minutes till backup finishing. Choose the previous Syncios Backup File on the list, Syncios will obtain the backup automatically and show them on the middle pannel.

Then tick the items on the middle pannel and click on ' Next ' to restore your backup file to iPhone or other devices. Samsung Mobile Transfer can not only restore the backups made by itself but also can restore your backups from iCloud and iTunes, which plays an important role if you want to obtain data from iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. Please see details below, we will show you how to retrieve iCloud backup file , iTunes backup file and iTunes playlist and music easily.

Restore from iTunes Backup: Syncios will detect your iTunes backups on computer automatically. After data reading, they will be displayed on the middle of box.

2. Using Samsung or Google account

Now you need to tick the items you'd like to transfer to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 then click on ' Next '. Restore from iCloud Backup: Simply navigate to samsung. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete downloading of the Kies software to your Mac computer. Google will automatically sync files including contacts, calendar, appointments, documents, and even certain app purchases for as long as you grant it permission to do so.

Backing up of contents via Google slightly varies from phone to phone. Below are different methods of backing up various files from your new phablet to your Google Account. Apps installed via Google Play are usually backed up on the Play Store app. Specify the location you want the selected contents to be shared with. Once the location is specified, a progress bar shows until the file transfer is completed. Once all important information on your Galaxy Note 5 is copied, you can easily restore them from the computer whenever necessary.

Click " Data Transfer " on main interface. Four modes will be displayed on the homepage: This step might take a while according to your data size, please be patient. Step 3 All data of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be listed on the middle of box after data loading.

You can choose items you'd like to backup and customize a proper backup bath on the right bottom corner, then hit Start Copy button. And after a while, all data of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be backed up to your computer. Then select the previous backup on the checkbox listed on the left panel, and connect your device. Choose items you'd like to restore then click on Start Copy , before long, all data will be restored to your device successfully.

Backup & restore: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung comes with the backup and restore feature, which allows you to back up and restore all Samsung data directly on your Samsung device. This seems to be convenient, however, restoring the selected data from backup will delete some files from your device. So please make sure the backup file that you are going to restore is up to date, or backup Samsung data on computer instead.

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Step 1. Step 3. Step 4. Select the Content s you want to back up. Touch the slider to turn Auto back up on. Select a backup account to complete or touch Add account log-in to add a different account or create a new account. Step 5. Your app data and settings are now backed up to the Google Server and will auto restore when reinstalling an app.

Galaxy Note 8 - How to Backup and Restore

Automatic restore must be turned on. Backup Samsung phone data to computer is a safe choice, but what should you do if you don't have a computer and urgently need to backup your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, especially before sell or switch your phones? Backup all your phone files to an external SD card should be the best answer for you.

How to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Syncios for Android is usually considered as a connection tool between PC and Android phone when using Syncios. However, it also affords another function - a phone management tool. It does a pretty job in making a backup of Android contents including sms, bookmarks, call logs, contacts, audio, photos, DCIM photos and videos on Android device: Or you can download apk from here manually if it's failed to download apk automatically. Open Syncios app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to get started.

And for a while, Sync-PC and Tools , two options will appear. Step 2. And if you need to restore them from SD card, we go to Restore button to recover backups from SD card. And please make sure you have authorized Syncios to read your phone before copy. Now, you have 4 different ways to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone. You can choose one of them to backup or restore files for Samsung phone or any Android phones.